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Florida TRADE Grant

What is the Florida TRADE grant?

The Florida TRADE Consortium is a group of 12 state and community colleges located throughout the state of Florida. In September of 2012, the Consortium was awarded a $15 million dollar Department of Labor TAACCCT grant to develop and deliver accelerated technical training programs that would lead to entry level jobs in manufacturing.

The program targets displaced workers who have lost their jobs due to foreign trade, unemployed workers, incumbent workers looking to upgrade their current skills or learn new skills, students and returning veterans who are looking to transition back into the workforce.

The Florida TRADE program is designed to deliver accelerated training that can be completed in 3-6 months (depending on the program) and that lead to internships and jobs in manufacturing.

As participants complete various components of the program, they will be provided with the skills and opportunities to achieve nationally recognized industry certifications that will also transfer into free college credits toward an Associate of Science degree.

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How you can help?

  • Hire an intern
  • Host a job fair
  • Provide a tour of your facility for students
  • Offer advice on education
  • Join our committee
  • Offer to be a speaker
  • Be on our Advisory Council