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Continuous Improvement—The New Normal


The program will focus on basic continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles, tools and methodologies using six interactive modules. These modules will build upon one another and follow the “learn-by-doing-methodology.” After completing each module, participants will have a job-specific homework assignment using the tools, methods, and systems presented during each class. The instructors will conduct a one-on-one review of the homework assignment progress with participants after each module.

All classes will run from 8:00 AM – Noon at the FCMA Office Training Room. Virtual Attendance can be requested. Tuition cost is $2,250 per student for FCMA members and $2,950 for non-members. Each training module will include 4 hours of interactive content, course materials, lean standard work templates, recording of class presentation, one-on-one coaching/feedback, and participants will receive a Lean Practitioner certification from LeanJax.

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Leading A Multi-Generational Workforce

Course Information

  • The course is intended to promote understanding of the different generations present in our workplace today as well as the characteristics of these generations, and as such, to help each student in developing a personal work plan to address specific job-related multi-generational workforce challenges.
  • The course curriculum is designed to help students identify the problems resulting from poor leadership of a multi-generational workforce, to learn new leadership approaches that can help bridge generational gaps and create a more integrated and communicative workforce, and to provide new tools and techniques that can be applied while leading a multi-generational workforce.
  • The virtual program offering consists of two half-day sessions taught by an industry expert with a homework assignment in between sessions.

Leading Diversity and Inclusion—Executive Level

Course Information

  • This two-hour interactive webinar is designed for Executive Leadership (owners, CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Plant Managers) and Senior Human Resources Managers who are responsible for legal compliance with all U.S. labor laws as well as employee labor relations within any manufacturing or business operation.
  • The program will address the critical topics of leading diversity and inclusion for employee groups as they relate labor law compliance and labor relations including suggested best practices and implementation strategies for making meaningful change within your organization.
  • During the program, the instructors will review labor related challenges facing companies today, examples of industry leaders and best practices as well as analysis of those that have publicly failed, how to develop a diversity and inclusion philosophy statement, and how to establish an action plan and deployment strategy including responsible parties, deliverables, and dates.

Leading Diversity and Inclusion—Manager & Supervisor Level

Course Information

  •  Target audiences are Managers and Supervisors who are responsible for leading employees and are faced with personnel challenges that relate to compliance with U.S. labor laws as well as employee labor relations within any manufacturing or business operation.
  • The program will address critical topics including valuing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, understanding unconscious bias and how it can negatively impact employees and morale, identifying and dealing with potential harassment and discrimination issues in the workplace, and recommended practices for hiring and training new employees.
  • During this four class virtual series, the instructor will provide a full understanding of labor related challenges associated with diversity and inclusion issues based on real world current events examples.  Participants will learn “the why and potential upsides and downsides” associated with their role to identify, understand, lead and manage these challenges in the workplace.
  • Participants will learn how to recognize these challenges within their work groups, how to engage their employees, and how to develop corrective action plans associated with these topics.

If you are interested or want to learn more about these four new programs, please contact Mike Templeton or the FCMA office.


Front Line Supervisor Training Program

Program designed for Front Line Supervisors, Lead Operators, Team Leaders, or future candidates for these positions in FCMA manufacturing or service oriented companies. Offering consists of eight full-day sessions occurring every 2-3 weeks over a 4-month period.

Curriculum includes leadership, communications, performance coaching, team building, critical thinking and problem solving, and supervising and the law.

Classes take place at rotating manufacturing locations and include instruction by UNF experts, introduction to host company businesses, plant tours to observe manufacturing best practices, and an open Q&A panel session with host company leadership team members.

Program includes a kick-off luncheon and culmination graduation dinner, both with guest speakers. Lunch is provided for all classes.

To date, over 300 students representing over 40 member companies have participated in this program. Feedback continues to confirm outstanding value to the individual students as well as the sponsoring companies. Program has been labeled as one of the premier leadership courses in NE Florida!

Program is offered four times per year—winter, spring, summer and fall sessions.

Leading With Success—Mid-Level Managers

Program designed for mid-level leaders who supervise managers/supervisors and have already received foundation level leadership training. The program builds on concepts from the successful Front Line Supervisor program, but takes the curriculum content to the next level.

Program includes a personal DISC assessment and application of a 360-feedback tool.

Offering consists of five 4-hour classes occurring every three weeks over a 3-month period plus a kick-off luncheon and a student-led culmination graduation event. In addition, each student will receive two private 1:1 coaching sessions with a trained and registered corporate coach.

Curriculum includes understanding your leadership style, performance coaching, leading teams, innovation and critical thinking, and leading change. Classes will include scenarios/case studies/role-play examples, homework assignments involving interaction with student’s supervisors back at work between classes and guest speakers.

Classes take place at rotating locations and include instruction by trained experts, introduction to host company businesses and an open Q&A panel session with host company leadership team members. Lunch is provided for each class.

Program is offered twice per year—winter and fall sessions.

Introduction to Manufacturing Process Principles and Equipment

Target audiences are new employees or existing employees who need exposure to basic introductory level process principles and equipment in a manufacturing environment, or manufacturing employees who have an interest in progressing into a maintenance technician career path.

Curriculum includes basic training including troubleshooting tools in electricity, pneumatics, hydraulic applications, programmable logic controller (PLC) applications, and pumps and drives applications.

Offering consists of ten 4-hour classes taught by FSCJ instructors and occurring at the FSCJ Advanced Technology Center on consecutive Wednesday afternoon sessions over a 2-month period.

Pre-and post class student knowledge assessments have consistently shown a 125%-200% increase in student knowledge on the class topics.

The program is offered three times per year—winter, spring and fall sessions.

Finance For The Non-Financial Manager

Target audiences are Supervisors, Managers, Engineers and any other employee who has little or no education or training in accounting and finance, but needs to understand basic business financial fundamentals, tools and processes. The course will represent a composite of basic economics, finance and accounting policies and principles that provide useful tools to managers and employees in their roles as project managers and decision makers.

Curriculum includes introduction to economics, basic accounting principles, understanding financial statements, lease vs. buy decision making, capital budgeting and equipment purchases, overhead costs, and managing working capital,

Offering consists of eight half-day sessions taught by a DeVry University professor and occurring at the DeVry University Jacksonville location every week over a 2-month period.

The use of real life cases and problems will enhance the learning of and the ability to apply these concepts in the work place.

The program is offered twice per year—winter and fall sessions.

Professional Progress

Professional Progress grew from conversations of Jacksonville government and business leaders. The Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Northeast District office and First Coast Manufacturers Association (FCMA) recognized its employees’ and members’ needs for career development courses on subjects necessary for success and survival in the workplace and created Professional Progress.

This innovative program provides instruction, interaction and discussion related to skills necessary for success in today’s workplace. Taking the extra steps that many degree programs do not, this program offers courses such as: conflict resolution, presentation skills, basic and environmental law, civic pride, time/stress management, cultural awareness and overall professional development.  Students in this program represent member companies of First Coast Manufacturers Association and regional agencies.  Since 1997, this program has grown to include students from the Northeast District Florida Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns River Water Management District, City of Jacksonville Environmental Quality Division, and Army Corps of Engineers. We continue to grow the program by seeking partnerships with other interested agencies.

Mission Statement: To provide a solid information and skill base for First Coast professionals seeking work-related and personal growth opportunities.


  • To create and offer a development program responsive to changes in today’s professional settings
  • To actively address the target group of agency employees and FCMA members
  • To offer timely topics and fresh information
  • To secure top-notch instructors who model their messages and teach from experience
  • To solicit participants’ input and allow the program to change and grow through continuous improvement
  • To graduate professionals who are well-rounded and better prepared to succeed as professional people

For additional information contact FCMA at 904-296-9664 or email information@fcmaweb.com

Member Testimonials

“Vac-Con has participated in each one of these training opportunities. Our commitment to our employees, through our work force development program, allows us to continue building their knowledge base and skills through the utilization of these courses. The return on our investment has been far more than the costs involved through these education opportunities.” Bob Graden—Plant Manager, Vac-Con

“All of our employees continue to provide positive feedback on the classes they’ve attended. I think Dupuy’s investment in the programs you’ve put together will pay off for us long term.” Caryn Sawyer— V. P. Operations, Dupuy Silo Facility

“We here at Medtronic have been a part of the design and implementation of the Front-Line Supervisor Training program and have used FCMA for many other training opportunities. We have sent employees from a very diverse skill set s from manufacturing, engineering, and supervisory. We have nothing but good things to say about the FCMA training programs.” Nichole Sofge—Value Stream Specialist, Medtronic

For more information contact:

(904) 296-9664

Mike Templeton
(904) 651-4955